Presenter Instructions

Presentations are in the short oral format used previously for WACV. Each author will have a 5 minute short oral presentation to highlight the most important aspects of their work. The time limit will be strictly enforced. Each author is also required to present a poster during the corresponding poster session at the end of their talk session.

Before each oral session, authors will find a reserved seat marked with their poster ID (listed on Program page as well as in the printed program). Presentations will follow in order of ID numbers. You may use your own laptop for the presentation, or load your presentation onto one of the conference laptops using a USB stick. While a presenter is giving their talk, the next presenter will test their laptop or load their presentation with assistance from a WACV volunteer. When a talk concludes, the display will transition immediately to the next presentation and a new talk will immediately commence (questions should be reserved for the poster session).

The equipment will be available for testing your talk 30 minutes prior to the day’s first session.  (ie – 1pm on Monday, and 2pm on Tuesday,Wednesday.)

Poster instructions —  Poster size = 4’x 8′ (1.2m x 2.4m) maximum  (4′ tall x 8′ wide or 4′ vertical x 8′ horizontal) see picture. Push pins will be provided.

Poster boards will be numbered.  Your poster number will be the number beside your title in the printed program and the online program.

Your poster is only displayed during your poster session. Please take down your poster at the end of your session.

We will be using 4’x8′ double sided poster boards.

poster image

Terry’s Tips for effective posters are listed in this example powerpoint poster template:  WACV14-poster-template

Note the template is 22″x45″ and should be printed at 200% magnification. (Powerpoint does not allow a size of 44″x90″).  If you provide the template to a printer, tell them the desired final size.

Local Poster Printing with delivery to the conference hotel

PostNet CO105 will print your poster and deliver to the WACV registration booth at the Sheraton Steamboat Springs.  Email your file by March 21.  One day service is available in emergencies.  Their maximum paper height is 44″, can be up to 8 ft long.
A 44” x 90″ poster on thin bond paper is $80 (delivery to Sheraton is free).

PostNet CO105
(Steamboat Crossings Hwy. 40 @ Pine Grove Road Behind Staples)
1625 Mid Valley Drive Suite 1
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
(970) 871-9000
(970) 871-9001 [fax]

Don’t wait until the last day!