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Monday January 9, 2012

9am-6pm MMBIA (see MMBIA page)  — breakfast, 2 snack breaks and lunch included

2pm-6pm WACV tutorials  —  snack break included

8am-8pm Registration Desk/Computer room

Tuesday January 10, 2012

9am-12:30pm MMBIA  —  breakfast and snack break included

2:00pm – 10:00pm WACV  — snack break and dinner included

8am -10pm Registration desk/computer room

Wednesday January 11, 2012

10am -10pm Registration desk/computer room

2:00pm-10:00pm WACV — snack break and dinner included

Room Title Authors
WACV Tuesday Jan 10, 2012
2:00-2:15 Coffee and snack Miners A+B
2:15-2:20 Intro by Chairs Ten Mile Room
2:20-3:00 Invited Speaker = Luc Vincent (Google) Ten Mile Room Google Street View: Overview and Recent Developments
3:00-3:45 Long Oral Session 1 (15 minutes each) Ten Mile Room
Oral 1 Street View Goes Indoors: Automatic Pose Estimation From Uncalibrated Unordered Spherical Panoramas Mohamed Aly*, Google
Oral 2 Implementing High Resolution Structured Light by Exploiting Projector Blur Camillo Taylor*, University of Pennsylvania
Oral 3 A New Upsampling Method for Mobile LiDAR Data Ruisheng Wang*, NAVTEQ; Jeff Bach, ; Jane Macfarlane, NAVTEQ; Frank Ferrie,
3:45-4:00 Break
4:00-5:00 Short Orals Session 1 (5 minutes each) Ten Mile Room
Short Oral 1 PTZ Camera Network Calibration from Moving People in Sports Broadcasts Jens Puwein*, ETH Zurich; Remo Ziegler, LiberoVision; Ballan Luca,  (ETH Zurich); Marc Pollefeys, ETH Zurich
Short Oral 2 Real-time 3-D Face Tracking and Modeling From a Webcam Jongmoo Choi*, University of Southern Califor; Gerard Medioni, Univ of Southern California; Yann Dumortier, USC-IRIS; Sang-Il Choi, USC; Muhammad Bilal Ahmad, Univ. of So. Calif
Short Oral 3 Improving Realism of 3D Texture using Component Based Modeling Siddharth Kherada*, IIIT-H
Short Oral 4 Mutual Occlusion between Real and Virtual Elements in Augmented Reality based on Fiducial Markers Silvio Sanches*, Universidade de São Paulo; Daniel Tokunaga, Universiadde de São Paulo; Valdinei Silva, Universiadde de São Paulo; Antonio Sementille, Universidade Estadual Paulista; Romero Tori, Universiadde de São Paulo
Short Oral 5 Efficient Tracking of Ants in Long Video with GPU and Interaction Corey Poff, Davidson College; Hoan Nguyen*, UNCC; Tim Kang, UNC-Chapel Hill; Min Shin, UNCC
Short Oral 6 Fast Graph Cuts using Shrink-Expand Reparameterization Parikshit Sakurikar*, IIIT, Hyderabad; P. J. Narayanan, IIIT, Hyderabad
Short Oral 7 Non-Rigid Surface Detection for Gestural Interaction with Applicable Surfaces Andrew Ziegler*, UCSD; Serge Belongie, (UCSD)
Short Oral 8 Face Typing: Vision-Based Perceptual Interface for Hands-Free Text Entry with a Scrollable Virtual Keyboard Yulia Gizatdinova*, University of Tampere; Oleg  Spakov , University of Tampere; Veikko  Surakka , University of Tampere
Short Oral 9 Real-time Stereo and Flow-based Video Segmentation with Superpixels Michael Van den Bergh*, ETZ Zurich; Luc Van Gool, ETH Zurich, KU Leuven
Short Oral 10 Illumination-Free Photometric Metric for Range Image Registration Diego THOMAS*, National Institute of Informatics; Akihiro Sugimoto,
Short Oral 11 Robust Tracking for Interactive Social Video Stefan Wilk*, University of Mannheim; Stephan Kopf, University of Mannheim; Wolfgang Effelsberg, University of Mannheim
Short Oral 12 A Sparse Representation Approach to Face Matching across Plastic Surgery Gaurav Aggarwal*, University of Notre Dame; Soma Biswas,  (Notre Dame); Patrick Flynn, University of Notre Dame; Kevin Bowyer,  (University of Notre Dame)
5:00-6:00  Posters Session 1 = Short Orals Session 1 Forest Room
6:00-7:00 Dinner + Poster Session 1 Forest Room
7:00-7:45 Long Orals Session 2 Ten Mile Room
Oral 1 A Complementary Local Feature Descriptor for Face Identification Jonghyun Choi*, University of Maryland; William Schwartz, Univ. of Campinas (Unicamp); huimin Guo, University of Maryland; Larry Davis, University of Maryland
Oral 2 A Passive Stereo System for 3D Human Face Reconstruction and Recognition at a Distance Mostafa Abdelrahman*, University ofLouisville
Oral 3 Quaternion DCT Spectral Saliency: Predicting Human Gaze using Quaternion DCT Image Signatures and Face Detection Boris Schauerte*, Karlsruhe Inst. Tech.; Rainer Stiefelhagen, Karlsruhe Inst. Tech. & Fraunhofer IOSB
7:45-8:40 Short Orals Session 2 Ten Mile Room
Short Oral 1 CompactKdt: Compact Signatures for Accurate Large Scale Image Search Mohamed Aly*, Google
Short Oral 2 A Blob Representation for Tracking Robust to Merging and Fragmentation Vinay Sharma*, (Texas Instruments)
Short Oral 3 Secure remote matching with privacy: Scrambled Support Vector Vaulted Verification (S²V³) Michael Wilber*, VAST lab, UCCS; Terrance Boult, Univ. of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Short Oral 4 Measuring Face Familiarity and Its Application to Face Recognition Ce  Zhan*, University of Wollongong; Wanqing Li, ; Philip Ogunbona,
Short Oral 5 Image Congealing via Efficient Feature Selection Ya Xue, GE Global Research; Xiaoming Liu*, Ge Global Research
Short Oral 6 For Your Eyes Only Brian Heflin*, (Securics); Terrance Boult, Univ. of Colorado at Colorado Springs; Walter Scheirer,  (Securics)
Short Oral 7 Unconstrained Periocular Biometric Acquisition and Recognition Using COTS PTZ Camera for Uncooperative and Non-Cooperative Subjects Felix Juefei-Xu*, Carnegie Mellon University; Marios Savvides, Carnegie Mellon University
Short Oral 8 New Hope for Recognizing Twins by Using Facial Motion Li Zhang*, Nus ; Ning Ye, ; Elisa Martinez-Marroquin, La Salle-Ramon Llull University; Terence Sim,  (National University of Singapore)
Short Oral 9 A Nonintrusive System for Behavioral Analysis of Children using Multiple RGB+Depth Sensors Nicholas Walczak, ; Joshua Fasching, University of Minnesota; Bill Toczyski, University of Minnesota; Nathaniel Bird, University of Minnesota; Barbra Murphy, ; Guillermo Sapiro*, ; Vassilios Morellas, ; Nickolaos  Papanikolopoulos,
Short Oral 10 Image Alignment for Multiple Camera High Dynamic Range Microscopy Brian Eastwood*, Colby College; Elisabeth Childs, Colby College
Short Oral 11 Automatic Identification of Frankfurt Plane and Mid-Sagittal Plane of Skull Yuan Cheng*, National Univ. of Singapore; Wee Kheng Loew, National University of Singapore; Thiam Chye Lim, National University Hospital, Singapore
8:40-10:00pm  Poster Session 2 +  Dessert Forest room
WACV Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012
2:00-2:15 Coffee and snack Miners A+B
2:15-3:00 Long Orals Session 3 Ten Mile Room
Oral 1 Multimodal Ranking for Non-Compliance Detection in Retail Surveillance Hoang Trinh*, IBM T J Watson Research Center; Sharath Pankanti, IBM T J Watson Research Center; Quanfu Fan, IBM T J Watson Research Center
Oral 2 Group-Level Context Learning for Event Recognition Yimeng Zhang*, Cornell University; Weina Ge, ; Ming-Ching Chang, ; Xiaoming Liu, Ge Global Research
Oral 3 A Systems Level Approach to Perimeter Protection Peter Tu, GE Global Research; Ting Yu*, GE Global Research; Dashan Gao, GE Global Research; Ram Nevatia, Univ. of Southern California; Sung Chun Lee, University of Southern California; Hale Kim, Inha University; Phill Kyu Rhee, Inha University; Joong-Hwan Baek, Korean Aeronautics University
3:05-3:15 Break
3:15 – 4:40 Short Orals Session 3 Short Oral 1 Indian Classical Dance Classification by Learning Dance Pose Bases Soumitra Samanta*, ISI, Kolkata; Pulak Purkait, ; Bhabatosh Chanda,
Short Oral 2 Accurate Efficient Mosaicking for Wide Area Aerial Surveillance Jan Prokaj*, Univ of Southern California; Gerard Medioni, Univ of Southern California
Short Oral 3 Simultaneous Inference of Activity, Pose and Object Furqan Khan*, Univ of Southern California; Vivek Singh, Univ of Southern California; Ram Nevatia, Univ. of Southern California
Short Oral 4 Enhanced Rail Component Detection and Consolidation for Rail Track Inspection Hoang Trinh*, IBM T J Watson Research Center; Ying Li, ; Charles Otto, ; Norman Haas, ; Sharath Pankanti, IBM T J Watson Research Center
Short Oral 5 LOST: Longterm Observation of Scenes (with Tracks) Austin Abrams*, Washington University in St. L; Jim Tucek, Washington University in St. L; Nathan Jacobs,  (University of Kentucky); Robert Pless, Washington University in St. Louis
Short Oral 6 Estimating the Spatial Extents of Geospatial Objects Using Hierarchical Models Shawn Newsam*, (Univ. of California, Merced); Yi Yang, UC Merced
Short Oral 7 Robust Detection, Classification and Positioning of Traffic Signs from Street-Level Panoramic Images for Inventory Purposes Lykele Hazelhoff*, CycloMedia Technology B.V.; Ivo Creusen, CycloMedia Technology B.V.; Peter de With, Eindhoven University of Technology
Short Oral 8 Reconfigurable Templates for Robust Vehicle Detection and classification Yang Lv*, Beijing Institute of Tech; Benjamin Yao, ; Yongtian Wang, ; Song-Chun Zhu, University of California, Los Angeles
Short Oral 9 Classification of Plant Structures from Uncalibrated Image Sequences Debadeepta Dey*, The Robotics Institute, CMU; Lily Mummert, Intel Labs, Pittsburgh; Rahul Sukthankar, Intel Labs, Pittsburgh
Short Oral 10 Measurement of Bitumen Coverage of Stones for Road Building,  Based on Digital Image Analysis Hanna Källén*, Lund University; Anders Heyden, Lund University; Kalle Åström, Lund University; Per Lindh, Peab
Short Oral 11 Photographic Steganography for Visual MIMO: A Computer Vision Approach Wenjia Yuan*, Rutgers University; Kristin Dana,  (Rutgers University)
Short Oral 12 Localization Accuracy of Interest Point Detectors Evaluated on Intensity-Depth Images Xiaojin Gong*, Zhejiang University; Jilin Liu, Zhejiang University
Short Oral 13 A Modular System Architecture for Online Parallel Vision Pipelines Jeremie Papon*, University of Goettingen; Alexey Abramov, Georg-August University; Eren Erdal Aksoy, University of Goettingen; Florentin Woergoetter,
Short Oral 14 Tools for Richer Crowd Source Image Annotations Joshua Little, Washington University in St. Louis; Austin Abrams*, Washington University in St. L; Robert Pless, Washington University in St. Louis
Short Oral 15 Point-less Calibration: Camera Parameters from Gradient-Based Alignment to Edge Images Peter Carr*, Disney Research, Pittsburgh
Short Oral 16 Color Balancing for Change Detection in Multitemporal Images Jim Thomas*, University of Notre Dame; Kevin Bowyer, University of Notre Dame; Ahsan Kareem, University of Notre Dame
Short Oral 17 LSDA Solution Schemes for Modelless 3D Head Pose Estimation Fadi Dornaika*, Univ.  of  Basque Country; Alireza Bosaghzadeh, ; Bogdan Raducanu, Computer Vision Center
4:40-6:00 Poster Session 3 Forest Room
6:00-7:00 Dinner + Poster Session 3 Forest Room
7:00-7:45 Long Orals Session 4 Ten Mile Room
Oral 1 Batch Mode Active Learning For Multi-Label Image Classification With Informative Label Correlation Mining Bang Zhang*, University of New South Wales; Yang Wang, National ICT Australia; Wei Wang, University of New South Wales
Oral 2 Learning and Recognizing Complex Multi-Agent Activities with Applications to American Football Plays Eran Swears*, Kitware Inc.; Anthony Hoogs, (Kitware)
Oral 3 Non-Parametric Motion-Priors for Flow Understanding Vasilis Lasdas*, K.U. Leuven; Radu Timofte, K.U. Leuven; Luc Van Gool, K.U. Leuven
7:45-8:40 Short Orals Session 4 Ten Mile Room
Short Oral 1 Online Discriminative Object Tracking with Local   Sparse Representation Qing Wang*, Tsinghua University; Ming-Hsuan Yang,  (UC-Merced); Feng Chen, Tsinghua University; Wenli Xu, Tsinghua University
Short Oral 2 Kernel Analysis over Riemannian Manifolds for Visual Recognition of Actions, Pedestrians and Textures Mehrtash Harandi*, National ICT Australia (NICTA); Conrad Sanderson, National ICT Australia (NICTA); Arnold Wiliem, National ICT Australia (NICTA); Brian Lovell, National ICT Australia (NICTA)
Short Oral 3 Improving Evolution-COnstructed Features Using Speciation Kirt Lillywhite*, Brigham Young University; Dah-Jye Lee, Brigham Young University; Beau Tippetts, Brigham Young University
Short Oral 4 Learning Reconfigurable Scene Representation by Tangram Model Jun Zhu*, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Tianfu Wu, ; Song-Chun Zhu, University of California, Los Angeles ; Xiaokang Yang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Wenjun Zhang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Short Oral 5 Depth-supported real-time video segmentation with the Kinect Alexey Abramov*, Georg-August University; Babette Dellen, ; Karl Pauwels, ; Jeremie Papon, ; Florentin Woergoetter,
Short Oral 6 Appearance-based Face Recognition Using A Supervised Manifold Learning Framework Bogdan Raducanu*, Computer Vision Center; Fadi Dornaika,
Short Oral 7 Fast Planar Object Detection and Tracking via Edge Distribution Templates Taehee Lee*, UCLA; Stefano Soatto, UCLA
Short Oral 8 Multiple-Instance Learning from Multiple Perspectives: Combining Models for Multiple-Instance Learning Bang Zhang*, University of New South Wales; Yang Wang, National ICT Australia; Wei Wang, University of New South Wales
Short Oral 9 Apparel Silhouette Attributes Recognition Wei Zhang*, Google; Emilio Antunez, Google Inc; Salih Gokturk, Google Inc; Baris Sumengen, Google Inc
Short Oral 10 Real Time Moving Vehicle Detection and Reconstruction for Improving Classification Tao Wang*, City College of New York; Zhigang Zhu, (CCNY)
Short Oral 11 Predicting Good, Bad and Ugly Match Pairs Gaurav Aggarwal*, University of Notre Dame; Soma Biswas,  (Notre Dame); Patrick Flynn, University of Notre Dame; Kevin Bowyer,  (University of Notre Dame)
8:40-10:00 pm Poster Session 4 +  Dessert Forest Room


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